Peak understands that even the most meticulously created plans sometimes do not come to fruition – often because of factors outside the control of the parties involved. Businesses can find themselves in trouble for a myriad of reasons including macroeconomic factors or extenuating personal circumstances. Peak’s principals have helped resolve the financial distress of hundreds of businesses – both inside and outside of the bankruptcy process.

Peak prides itself on bringing rigorous process and exhaustive financial analysis to each restructuring situation. We will work diligently to minimize the restructuring timeline and optimize the results for our clients, while maintaining confidentiality for the benefit of all parties.

Peaks’s Restructuring and Bankruptcy Services include:

  • Preparing financial analysis of monthly cash flow to determine the available operating cash flow which may be applied to outstanding liabilities
  • Collecting past financial history, interviews with the distressed franchisee, and create a confidential memorandum to present a complete financial picture of the current situation
  • Investigating and evaluating the root causes of distress and recommend action items to address problems
  • Assist in negotiating short-term relief such as lines of credit, forbearance agreements, and promissory notes
  • Preparing a go-forward financial model utilizing multiple scenario analysis
  • Assisting in the negotiation of short-term and long-term solutions returning the franchisee to positive cash flow and allowing creditors a reasonable and fair recovery
  • Assisting in selling franchisee assets or the business as part of a long-term solution
  • Sourcing new capital (debt or equity) to support restructuring initiatives or refinancing of current creditors
  • Providing strategic consulting, monitoring and analysis during a franchisee bankruptcy including Chapter 11 filings (reorganization) or Chapter 7 filings (liquidations)